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          Thought I would post the ongoing story of the roleplay I am running currently. This is the beginning of it, giving detail to how everything formed and how it all started. This is just for fun, to give people something to read. Inspiration is from Fairy Tail and will continue into the future. Hope to have one giant story by the end of this. This is the cultivation of my hard work and my friends support to the story. Credit to them for their characters and influence, credit to Hiro Mashima for making such a great series!


    The Planet Earthland, a world filled with magic and magical beings. From dragons, to demons, to mythical creatures of all kinds, this world is truly a wonder to behold. Or at least it would be if it wasn't being devastated. You see our story takes place in an entirely different timeline. During the beginning of the establishment of magic in society. Long ago, before time immemorial, there was nothing. Space was a vast void of emptiness that seemed to stretch on endlessly. Existence was lost in this void, with the only solace being a few gasses floating around that were made up of varying energies. The universe was cold, quiet, and lifeless. That was until the gasses ended up mixing together. The chemical reactions of the many energies crashing into one another ended causing a collapse. A massive black hole formed, swallowing the other gasses up and causing everything to be pressed down into a single condensed point. When everything was swallowed, the black hole dissipated over the years. The condensed energy that was still intact and compressed grew unstable. The result was an explosion so powerful it jetted out both ends of the black hole, forming a quasar. A quasar is a black hole that is jetting out energy from it on both sides, lighting up to millions of times brighter than the sun. The energy spread out like giant energy rays and enveloped massive areas of the empty void. Overflowing with power from the blast, the void distorted and warped causing it to shape into a dome and start expanding as the energy pressed against it. This was the start of the universe, a chaotic beginning. As the energies pushed the void dome outward, they were blasting off elements as well in every direction.

    So much so that the basic elements known today were forming rapidly from it. Iron, plasma, rocks, and more was being developed from the intense heat and energy of this wave. Millions of years passed, and the energy slowed down and stabilized into more floating gas. The materials created from the explosion floated in the void for what seemed an eternity. The universe was slowly rotating though. It's center, the black hole from the beginning which was generating a endless stream of power. It's size had shrunk from multi galaxy sized to planet sized. It seemed calmer and less destructive than before. It's immense gravitational pull was keeping the universe in movement. The gravity caused things many thousands of light years away to crash into each other. Rocks and other elements were clumping together. Soon enough small moon sized planets had formed. Granted they were inhospitable, but this was just the start of their creation. Gravity was still taking its course and was throwing planets into one another. The resulting collisions caused the formation of larger planets, and in time, entire systems of massive planets. Each ranging from the size of Ishgar today, to the size of a star. The leftover gasses around the area from the Great Push started to collect together, and in time, stars formed from the lower residual energies.

    These stars varied in size like the planets. But given their nuclear fusion properties, they were greatly larger than most planets. The stars powerful gravity kept the planets nearby in place, forming solar systems. These systems formed into star systems, and eventually into galaxies where the energy collapsed in the center and turned into a black hole which kept things rotating there. In perfect balance, like a giant circle, things revolved. The universe around the Core Quasar, the stars around a Galaxy, and the planets around the stars. Many years would pass and it was mostly quiet. A planet only a few galaxies away from the Core Quasar was at the just right distance from its star. The resulting incidents caused meteors to bombard the planet, each carrying a little bit of water. This turned this planet into a giant heated boiling world with water staying on the surface. The heat would cause it to evaporate, than just rain right back down. The carbon dioxide rich atmosphere was still dangerous though. In time, a strange type of plant started to bloom from the molten world. A plant formed from the magical energies that had made the world. This plant sustained itself on carbon dioxide, and in return let off a bit of oxygen into the air. Soon enough, billions of these plants started to form and release oxygen while absorbing the dangerous gasses. In time, the world had most of its carbon taken in by these planets, and oxygen filled the air.

    This led to the creation of plant life that can life in this more hospitable climate. Without the carbon in the air, the planet cooled significantly. Thus the water settled down, forming the oceans we know of. The north and south poles soon froze from being too far from the stars heat, and some mountain tops did as well. This led to the creation of lakes and rivers when the ice melted in areas. The planet was finely full of plant life. Water was abundant, and it seemed generally like a paradise. Life giving magic was filling the air, keeping things healthy and active. Soon the first cells were formed from this life giving magic. They spent their time in the waters, which eventually led to the evolution of what we know as fish. The cells multiplied, adapted, and soon grew limps, organs, skin, etc. The empty world was gaining sentient life. As the thousands of years passed, more cells formed, and adapted to land life. Leading to the creation of animals both land and sky. The food chain was still not established though, since most just ate algae, or other planets. When plant food ran scarce in areas due to overfeeding, the animals resorted to eating one another, leading to the first food chains. Time would cause this to form another perfect circle that we know today. In time, the final cells formed, and eventually evolved into what we know as mortals. The first man was born, and with him a woman.

    But these two were different than the rest, they learned quickly, adapted faster, and in time formed a system for hunting and survival. The two together learned to harness the planets energy and use the elements. What we know as magic today is separated into different categories. Back then it was the Power of the Planet. In time these two learned how to control these energies much greater, and their bodies ended up growing a new organ inside them that can hold and absorb the energy. The magic containment inside everyone today. But it didn't stop there, the male gained greater understanding of this world, this universe, and learned to harness the power of the universe. Power from the abyss, otherwise known as Abyss Magic. Using it, he created countless beings like him and his mate. This led to society finally forming, with the man teaching them how to use the energies as well. In time it became a common thing for people, and the race of people flourished. The man was named king with his mate being the queen. Coming up with the concept of names, because saying "hey you" wasn't cutting it, the people started to gain identities. The king was known as "X" and the queen was known as "Eden". The kingdom they had made out of ores and other materials grew into multi city civilizations. X named the people The Reklych, which meant "Those from the beginning".

    As time passed, X mastered all forms of the Abyss and gained immeasurable power. Using this power and intelligence, he created new languages, changed lands, and brought prosperity to his people. But as with every good story, there is a dark side to things. Darkness was left in the universe, and it began to fester. The emotions of these people were powerful, so powerful it could give life to them. Some fears started to form from this darkness, which led to the creation of monsters. Soon it became apart of people and some even tried to seize power. Thigs were growing out of control, and so X formed a order of Knights to protect the people. Those untainted by the evils of the void. For thousands of years they lived and fought, keeping the peace the best they could. What happened next though none of them could prepare for. When people finally started dying, their souls were bound to the void. This led to them either falling out of existence entirely, or being recycled into the soul of another creature. Fear of death grew, and the festering darkness took hold of this. Gaining form, it went to the world and attacked it. The creature was named SIN by X, named after the very thing that formed it. The Reklych were slaughtered by this beast and its immense power. In a final stand for the world, X stood against the creature. Knowing the Reklych may not survive, but the world would and thus another chance for life for the future.

    In a battle so cataclysmic it reshaped the entire planet, X found himself victorious but only at sealing the beast away in a pocket dimension he created to hold it. Battered and bleeding, X had saved the planet, but his body couldn't hold out and it collapsed. Turning into magic particles, he floated into the void to join his family, friends, his people, to await the final death of non existence. But instead something else happened, his soul was pulled to the Core Quasar instead. It was sucking in magic as well as dispersing it, and he was caught by it. Most likely due to his immense presence in all things magical. Pulled and condensed into the core like the energies of the past, his soul was so tightly knit with the Abyss that it merged with the Core Quasar. The resulting merge gave X the power of the the Core Quasar, the unlimited power of the primordial magics core. His pure soul took a new form while there, and from there he rested. In time though, he heard the cries of his people from the void, and desired to save them from such a fate. Delving deep inside himself, X realized something entirely new to him. He had the knowledge, the power, everything. Using this power, he pulled the souls of his people from the void and brought them to him. From there he created a realm much like the old world. An entirely different dimension that hosted a single massive planet.

    He named this planet Paradise, or otherwise known as Heaven. There the souls of his people resided in a unhindered rest. Realizing now what he was and what he could do, X used his new power to take the pocket dimension SIN was in and expand it. From there he cast all dark energies into it, locking them away inside it. Naming the place Limbo, a hellish realm of nightmares, X turned his attention to the world they once lived in. Using his limitless power he restored it life back to normal on it. He then took not only his blood, but all the blood of his people and split it down to the very last atom and molecule. The dna itself was shredded as well. Using the split essence, he created two new beings much like they were. One half was demon, the other human. After doing this he created colonies of these beings before sitting back to let life take its course. X fixed many problems they had in their time as well. They didn't treasure what life they had, they thought it was endless, they were wrong. So X gave the world a concept of a natural death at a much earlier age. Mortals were just that, mortal now. Humans lived to be anywhere from fifty to seventy years old naturally, some a bit longer. Demons had longer spans of life than humans since they were magical beings mostly. But even they felt deaths cold sting after a few human lifetimes.

    The world was now perfect, X went on about making other worlds to make the universe a beautiful place. But his eyes never truly left his old home. And the people who he viewed as his own children. So he created the Aspects, Four deities who could watch over the world and its elements. They were the Aspects of Life/Death, Space, Time, and Matter. These four have watched over the world since the start of the new mortals. This was the story of how the world started, how everything began. But that was the past, our real story starts so many lifetimes later you could fill up a mountain with them. The world is still seeing darkness, but not quite as bad as the past. It is almost too calm for some. People who now have knowledge of magic have started to use it. Factions have formed and all seems well. The Holy Castle, formed centuries ago, was however an exception. While their goals were for the greater good, they also failed to see the big picture. They were against magic, calling it heiracy, and demons which were abominations from Hell. The Castle sent a crusade out to cleanse the world of such filth for the Glory of God.

    400 years before the modern age, the world is a pretty indifferent place. People are fearful of magical beings, of magic as a whole. The Holy Castle praises the Aspects as God's Angels. There is no way to prove or disprove this, since no one has ever seen them. In this world of magic people fear what they don't understand. A select few are born with a magical aptitude to learn and control these magical energies. They are what we call wizards. Much like the wizards in Fairy Tail, they longed for a place to call home. The world was in disorder however, Demons had came from beyond the barriers of life. Flooding into the world, they attacked and killed many people, trampling them under foot, devouring them, and even kidnapping them. These beings used a special power that defied the laws of nature, Curse Magic. Powered by the negative emotions of people, the power of these creatures are at a all time high. The knights of the holy castle have taken up the crusade to stop these creatures, but they lacked the power necessary to quell these beasts. For years the wars have raged on, ravaging lands and such. Many factions have formed to protect themselves and their own interests. But one place has formed that has given hope to the people, and started a base concept of a family. The guild is known as the Dragoons, a small group of orphaned wizards who were shunned by their own families and friends, or had everything they loved killed by the demons.

    These wizards came together to form a magical new home, a place where people can live in peace. Located in the Neutral Grounds, the area is filled with magic. There are many floating islands around, one which houses the guild itself. Below it a town has formed to protect those who were afraid and uncertain. Dragons roam the skies, acting as guards to this paradise. Looking up to them with hope, other guilds have formed around the world to fend off the threats in the world. The world of wizards isn't without its problems however. The Holy Castle views the use of magic as a act of evil that goes against the Creators will. Thus those who use it are normally captured and burned at the stake as witches and warlocks. Not giving them the chance to prove their worth, some wizards have grown to fear the Holy Castle, ignoring mostly any contact with the castle and the massive city that it has around it. Thus the factions have split, the guilds, the Holy Castle, the demons, and the unaffiliated who wish to have no part of any of this. The eternal conflict has been continuing on like this, year after year with no end in sight. Will the world finally halt the advances of these demon hordes? Or will the world be consumed in darkness? With growing fear, the demons gain power. Who leads these hordes? They possess the mind to think tactically, is there any hope for people? And what of those who have magic and plot evil anyways? The world is a magical and mysterious place, welcome to Ishgar!

    Ishgar Saga: The Holy Threat

    Our story starts here, exactly one year before the threat of the dragons and the war that shaped the future Fairy Tail world. The Holy Castle is on a crusade to slay all wizards, causing more problems than it is worth. While tensions are rising between the Dragons, one side wanting to eat humans, and the other coexist peacefully, the Holy Castle has had free reign to do as they will. Demons have been appearing far more often, some call this a omen, others a curse. These demons call themselves the Demons of Zeref, and they came in droves. The hatred for the black wizard now growing, this further vindicates the cause of the Holy Castle. Those who come in the name of God are now using any means necessary to get what they want. Many threats are growing, but the Holy Castle seems to be the biggest thorn in the wizards side. Belserion and Irene are thinking of ways to quell these problems, as the kingdoms are now coming into conflict. The Holy Castle, The Kingdom of Dragnof where Irene rules, and Crocus, the capital and main Kingdom that normally has the final say in things. Each has their own views, but this has begun to cause problems. The Holy Castle rules the east coast, while Crocus rules the central, and the Kingdom of Dragnof rules the west. What future do wizards have with the threat of the Holy Castle? And what other looming threats are on the horizon as well? One thing is certain, the Holy Castle can no longer be ignored.
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